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The 3 Wealthiest Formula 1 Drivers in the World

Ever wondered what motorsport athletes earn? Or rather, have you ever wondered what some of the best Formula 1 drivers earn? We did some research and found the top 3, what they earn and what their endorsements amount to.

You should be pretty familiar with all these motorsport superstars as they are currently driving. Let’s get started and discover a bit more on each of them.

1. Lewis Hamilton

At our number one spot we’ve got none other than Mr. Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton has gone from strength to strength and is probably one of the best F1 drivers out there today. His current net worth is estimated to be $240 million.

lewis - The 3 Wealthiest Formula 1 Drivers in the World


$42 million


$9 million

Driving for the Mercedes AMG F1 team, Hamilton has had a very successful season thus far, winning the Spanish Grand Prix and leading the way in the F1 championships. His contract with Mercedes comes to an end after this season, but reports are stating that he will renew the contract and stay with the team until 2021.

2. Sebastian Vettel

Next up we have Sebastian Vettel. He features at number 18 of Forbes’ list of highest paid athletes and has an estimated net worth of $55 million. He is also reported to be one of the favorite drivers amongst supporters to win the F1 this year.

sebastion - The 3 Wealthiest Formula 1 Drivers in the World


$42 million



Vettel currently drives for Scuderia Ferrari team in F1 and will be completing his 3-year contract with them in 2020. Vettel won the very first two F1 races this season and is currently in second position for the title. Previously Vettel drove for Red Bull and had quite a winning streak with 13 wins in 2013. We can’t wait to see what happens during this F1 season.

3. Fernando Alonso

And finally, our number three spot goes to none other than Fernando Alonso. Alonso is by far one of the most experienced drivers in F1 today and won the driver’s World Championship title back in 2005 and 2006. His current net worth is $220 million.

driver2 - The 3 Wealthiest Formula 1 Drivers in the World


$32 million


$1 million

Alonso drove for the Renault works team when he was at the peak of his career. He has also been associated with some of the greats such as Ferrari, Mercedes and Maclaren. Currently he drives for the Mclaren Renault F1 team. He has had a couple of rough patches but finished first in the Le Mans test this year.

Now more than ever you are probably regretting not getting into motorsport! It is a tough track and not everyone is built for it though. It takes a lot of training, skill and perseverance to reach the top, no matter what your profession.

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