Lewis Hamilton Formula 1 

Hamilton Red Hot Bookies Favourite To Win Drivers Championship Again

Lewis Hamilton is the red hot favourite to win a 4th consecutive Formula 1 drivers championship. That’s according to odds published on the bet365 mobile app (the top rated sports betting app in the UK and Europe according to the latest test results at MobileBettingSite.com). The leading bookmakers make Hamilton the market leader at odds of just 2/7 already. That’s with just two races gone, the first of which he wasn’t even on the podium for. It just goes to show the strength of feeling amongst commentateorss and pundits that…

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ferrari - Ferrari’s Top Five Drivers of All Time Formula 1 Motorsport 

Ferrari’s Top Five Drivers of All Time

It’s unavoidable – when you think about F1, Ferrari is always top-of-mind. No matter who you are and whether or not you follow motorsport, you’d have heard of the boys in red before. Ferrari is considered to be one of the best teams in the history of Formula 1 racing, and it’s easy to see why. Shell oil has also sponsored the team. In this post, we uncover the top ten Ferrari drivers of all time. Now, you may be surprised that not all of them have won and that…

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driver - The 3 Wealthiest Formula 1 Drivers in the World Formula 1 Opinion 

The 3 Wealthiest Formula 1 Drivers in the World

Ever wondered what motorsport athletes earn? Or rather, have you ever wondered what some of the best Formula 1 drivers earn? We did some research and found the top 3, what they earn and what their endorsements amount to. You should be pretty familiar with all these motorsport superstars as they are currently driving. Let’s get started and discover a bit more on each of them. 1. Lewis Hamilton At our number one spot we’ve got none other than Mr. Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton has gone from strength to strength and…

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