Top 10 Best Selling Cars Around the Globe

You’re probably wondering why we are writing about regular run of the mill driving cars. Well, we thought you’d find the stats behind it all pretty interesting. Of course, there are more countries and car sale stats out there, but we thought we’d keep it short and give you an overview.

So, without further ado, we’ll take a look at what the majority of folks from around the globe buy for everyday driving.

#1 Russia Loves Lada Riva

Between 1980 and 2018, there has been approximately 15 million Lada Riva sales in Russia. The feisty car is still popular due to its tenacity in the harsh weather, and the very low maintenance it calls for. Russian drivers also seem to love the fact that the Lada Riva is affordable, hardy and easy to maintain.

#2 Germany is Gaga for Volkswagen

car1 - Top 10 Best Selling Cars Around the Globe

The Volkswagen Golf was, is and will be one of the most popular vehicles around the globe. In fact, in Spain the Golf shares the same status as in Germany. But, since it is designed and manufactured and originally from Germany, it only makes sense that the Golf has had 7 million (and counting) sales from 1974 in Germany alone.

#3 UK Drivers go for Ford

UK drivers have gone through a couple of changes when it comes to everyday driving car purchases. They started off with the Mini back in 1959, then the Ford Escort was top of the list from 1968. Today, the Ford Fiesta stands at their number one spot with 4.5 million sales from 1974 to this day.

#4 Italy ranks Uno Number One

Perhaps this one would come as a bit of a surprise. If you have ever driven an Uno, you would more than likely be baffled how a lot of people would want to buy it. This little number had 4 million sales between 1983 and 1994 because it was affordable, and sturdy enough. The perfect car for anyone who needs some wheels.

#5 France and Portugal Vote Renault

Sticking to their roots, the French have bought 3 million Renault Clio’s from 1990 to this day. Quite impressive considering that 14 million Clios have been manufactured since 1990. In Portugal, the Renault Clio sales are just over 130,000 for the same time span.

#6 Mexico Sells the Most VW Beetles

car2 - Top 10 Best Selling Cars Around the Globe

Did you know that the VW Beetle was so popular in Mexico, that Volkswagen set up shop and manufactured these iconic cars right there? Between 1948 and 2003 there has been 1.7 million Beetles sold in Mexico. The factory however had to close down due to recent decrease in sales and the increase in emissions control.

#7 South Africa Drives Toyota

You’ll find that the Toyota Hilux is the usual suspect, but not in this case. The car that a lot of South Africans look to buy is the Toyota Corolla. In fact, it has seen 1.1 million sales from 1966 until this day. The car is popular in the country because it is very reliable and has affordable running costs.

#8 Sweden Sold 1 Million Volvos

And we’re talking about the 200 series, by the way. This is the car that virtually paved the way for Volvo’s great success. It is a landmark for the brand’s durability and safety which is loved to this day. In Sweden there was 1 million sales of the 200 series between 1974-1993. It remains an iconic car that is loved by younger generations too.

#9 Spain Treasures SEAT

In Spain it’s all about Patriotism. The SEAT Ibiza was designed and manufactured in Spain and the model has sold 1.1 million cars from 1984 until this day. There has been a couple of changes though, as Volkswagen bought SEAT and took control of manufacturing since 1990. It remains a favorite among locals.

#10 USA Fancies Ford’s F-Series

Not as big a surprise to find that Ford features as the number one seller in the USA. In fact, the Ford F-Series has sold more than 30 million vehicles from 1948 and counting. The reasoning behind the sales states that there is a correlation between housing and construction markets and truck sales. With a population of 326 million, it makes sense!

Did any of the cars on our list surprise you? We trust that you found the piece informative and interesting. We can’t wait to see if there are any changes on this list in the next couple of years.