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Motorsport Guide came into being when our founder and fellow petrol head, Robert Archambault decided to create a space where like-minded individuals could interact.

A born and bred petrol head, Robert created Motorsport Guide and within a couple of months the site grew to the wonderful space it is today. If you have a love for speed and motorsport, this is the perfect place to be.

Our team has grown quite a bit since the website was launched, and we now boast a host of seasoned experts writing insightful pieces on everything related to motorsport and the vehicle industry in general. If you consider yourself somewhat of a writer who would like to have their work published, be sure to read more on how you can join our team on the Write for Us page.

As motorsport enthusiasts, we aim to cover all the latest sporting events and news, inside information on teams and drivers and more. Want to buy a new sportscar? We also write in-depth reviews for those wanting to buy a super car of their own.

Even though our headquarters are situated in Hartville, OH, our magazine covers events and news from far and wide, including all major sporting events such as Formula 1. We offer something for petrol heads from all walks of life and all ages. Whether you want to pursue a job in the industry, own a supercar or love watching the pros strut their stuff on the track, you’ll find something on our blog that suits your fancy.

Welcome to Motorsport Guide, a space where motorsport enthusiasts can truly share their love for motorsport.